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Fringe Online 2020

A Series of Metaphors About A Plague

A serious and fascinating use of meeting technology to examine both theatre and the use of connection in this new modern world.


A subtle and highly effective reawakening of a woman who always was.

Desperately Seeking The Exit

The notorious tale of the making and unmaking of Peter Marino's West End-Blondie-Madonna musical “Desperately Seeking Susan”


A very impressive self filmed and performed allegory of the threat posed by those who try to invade our gardens and rule the roost.

I told my mum I was going on an RE trip

A verbatim run around the issues of terminations with the voices of young people who know, which does touch you as a parent and reminds you of the responsibility of parenthood.

In Her Shadows

An enticing and haunting exploration of living with a mental health condition that excels in its ability to make the claustrophobic nature of mental ill health clear.

Magic Gareth

A wonderful children’s half hour of magic and a big personality that is a delightfully child friendly experience

Siddhartha’s Stone

An intriguing visual take on the Herman Hesse book of the same name.

The Bavard Bar

Ted Talks for ordinary people

The Ruins of Empires

A fantastical run through the falls of Empires and how we, as subjects, can and should rise up and take the advantages back for the common good.

Waiting for Hamlet

Everyone dies in the end.

We, The Lost Company, An Adaptation.

A delightful musing on water and the seaside that was engaging and intriguing.