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FringeReview UK 2015

A Christmas Carol at The Spire

One of the best staged versions of A Christmas Carol I have ever seen

Akala Live

Stunning performance by a true modern master


Unmissable fun - a winter winner from Emporium

Avenue Q

An irreverent and very funny musical with muppets

Disco Pigs

A high-energy snapshot of a fateful night out

Donald Robertson Is Not A Stand-Up Comedian

A clever deconstruction of the art of stand-up comedy

Every Brilliant Thing

A well-structured and poignant story

Fake it ’til you make it

A moving and personal look at Chronic Depression

Godspeed You! Black Emperor

Freckles of light twinkle ecstatic. Again and through!

Lulu: A Murder Ballad

A musical tale of prostitution and cruelty

Matt Berry & The Maypoles Live

A surprising, funky, and suprisingly funky experience!

May We Go Round

Allow yourselves to be taken on an energetic, compelling, hilarious journey and witness two young talented and feisty women come into their own definitions of femininity.

Men In The Cities

A bleak and powerful exploration of modern life and the men within it


A fun and jolly evening at the theatre, with some gothic twists

The Cube

A very unusual and exciting theatre show

The Odyssey

A weaving together of the ancient Greek poem with modern day politics

Vacant Possession

An old house in Lewes holds many stories.

Vesper Time

A funny, quirky show by the marvellous Stacy Makishi