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Hollywood Fringe 2019


How not to lose your hair when you have alopecia.

Batter Up! My Brain on Baseball

An entertaining showcase of one man’s unreal mental acuity for baseball.


A hilarious solo show parody with a surprising amount of heart.

Cirque Du Giselle

Ballet, High.

Crack Whore, Bulimic, Girl Next Door

A cheerful trip down a dark memory lane.

Death and the Fool

Satirical gets physical

Hide Your Fires: Butoh Lady Macbeth

A chilling physical exploration of an iconic literary figure.

If We Run

Ex-lovers re-unite for last goodbye.

Lord of the Lies

One Man's Journey to the Edge of the Flat Earth and Back.

Mr. Yunioshi

Taking the Mickey out of Rooney.


For a great night out pick Pockets.

Raised by Wolves

Daring Canadian becomes the leader of the pack to reach her Shangri La.

Scarlett Fever: The Great Southern Search

Old Hollywood meets tribal acting in an engaging piece of physical theatre.

Son of a Bitch

The bastard behind the Bushes.

Squeeze My Cans

Blinded by Scientology

Supportive White Parents

Student changes her major, and wishes for a major change.

The Death of Sam Mobean

An atmospheric and mysterious piece wonderfully realized by a strong ensemble cast.

The Duchess and the Stripper

Wallis Simpson goes to Blaze's.

The Journey of the Little Prince

A journey back to a state of childlike wonder.

The Last Croissant

An outdoor take on classic farce.

The Last PowerPoint

A delightfully absurd journey through a corporate fever dream.

The Mayor’s Debate of Tranquility, Nebraska

A darkly wry commentary on decorum in American politics

The Same Room

I'd like to help you out, but I hate you.


Regressions, she's had a few.

Two Girls, One Mic

An hour of comedy sending up Hollywood culture.

Victoria Gordon – Live at the Hollywood Fringe.

A Baby Bernadette Belts Broadway Standards

What I Never Told You (Lo Que Nunca Te Dije)

An intimate glimpse into one couple’s relationship.

Ya Basta: Time’s Been Up

Social justice theatre from L.A. union janitors.