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Latitude 2016

Barns Courtney

Sounds great, but that poor, poor guitar!

Bricks and Pieces

A sad and realistic play about the tragedy that is real life

Courtney Barnett

Just play the hits please!


"Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art."


"Nothing is more real than the masks we make to show each other who we are."

Let’s Eat Grandma

Effortlessly innovative. Dark, light, strange and beautiful.

Paul Merton’s Impro Chums

A hilarious hour of clever comedy


Joyously old-school punk done properly.


A heart racing, experiential piece of theatre

Steve Mason

All grown up!

Teatro Delusio

A truly marvellous piece of masked magic

The Anchoress

Have I heard this one before?

The Importance of Being Ernest

Entirely blasphemous and almost unrelated to the Wilde classic, but quite funny