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San Francisco Fringe 2022

60 Minutes of Our Lives

A very entertaining show that is unpredictable, well written and well performed!

A Scar is Born

Zarifian tells of an interesting life, so far, and her charm, naïveté and gentle coquette style of performance, which gets progressively bold, is compelling. 

A Shrewd Idea

Entertaining show about sensitive topics told through the interesting characters

Angry Black Woman 101

Moving, relevant, meaningful, entertaining and enlightening show, told by a charismatic performer.


Inventive show with humor and drama, very well performed. Every show is completely different!


McLaughlin’s performance and writing are wonderful - poignant and meaningful - told with with humor, pathos and humanity.

Dave, Muhammad and I at the Americana Hotel

Heartfelt and serious story, sincere performance

How to Catch a Karen

Baba Yaga weaves her spells on us, she is enthralling, with endless catch phrases, content tropes and challenges. Also, she goes there, and further!

My First Miracle – adventures in bipolar disorder

Entertaining, vulnerable, insightful and brave. Polished performance

Potato Topos

This is a creative original and unique meaningful experimental show.

Pretty Beast

Vibrant performance, which runs the entire range of emotions, told with humor, poignance and searing sadness.

Young Oscar, Wilde in San Francisco

Fascinating story and performance about the compelling character of Oscar Wilde