Free Talk and Discussion: Making the most out of the final week at the Edinburgh Fringe 2019 on Monday 19th August 2019 10.30am – 11.30am at the Imagination Workshop Hub












Where: Imagination Workshop Festival Hub

(The Principal Edinburgh George Street 19-21 George Street, EH2 2PB)

When: Monday 19th August 2019 10.30am – 11.30am

Cost:  FREE or By Donation

Join us at the Imagination Workshop, at brand new Fringe hub in Edinburgh.

What’s it all about?

Turn around your fringe before it has even started.


The final week can feel like a bit of an anticlimax,  a come down, a slow wind down, or even a panic for performers and show makers at the Edinburgh Fringe.

We still try desperately to sell more tickets, to get more (or even any) reviews.

We are tired (especially if we have played the whole month), looking forward to getting home, or worrying about how much money we have lost.

We are in a mood of celebration if we have had full houses and top reviews so far, but want to get the maximum we can before leaving.

We are planning what comes next after this hyper-busy month.

FringeReview’s editor Paul Levy and some of the FringeReview review team will be on hand to share practical wisdom and advice for making the most out of the official week 3 of the Edinburgh Fringe 2019.


Is it worth refreshing or relaunching in the final week?

Is it too late to get our show and our work noticed?

What other fringe festivals should be plan for?

Is there hope of getting reviewed at this late stage?

How can we use week 3 to kickstart our post-fringe success and plans?

How can we avoid coming to a grinding halt and missing the potential of what the final week has to offer?

How can we use the final week to get new audience in, given that new people are arriving in the city all the time?

How can we use the final week as a chance to properly build contacts, set up new possible collaborations and projects, and who should we invite to see our show in the last days of Edfringe 2019 to create a springboard for the future?

This is a gritty, practically focused talk and discussion. It’s an essential event at the start of the world’s largest arts festival.

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