PREVIEW: Lockdown? Existential crisis? Social distancing? Meet The Glummer Twins

The Beat Goes On

The Glummer Twins


From 15th August 2020

Lockdown? Existential crisis? Social distancing? It will take more than a pandemic to stop the irrepressible Glummer Twins from celebrating the joys, absurdities and indignities of getting older. So David Harmer and Ray Globe (The Glummer Twins) have turned to the wizardry of modern technology to cobble together a virtual show documenting their take on the lockdown. So how do you recreate a double act experience whilst maintaining social distancing? After days of head-scratching, they decided that the way forward would be to film themselves separately and then stick the two bits together.

Throughout their enforced isolation, video clips have been whizzing over the wires between Sheffield and Doncaster as the twins recorded their elements of the show. And you can hardly see the join. If it wasn’t for David’s exotic wallpaper you could almost believe they were performing together in the same room.

Their very first ‘virtual’ show, The Beat Goes On, with be joining theSpaceUK online virtual fringe from 15th August.

Tune in and join them for half an hour of pandemic poetry and music documenting their journey through the lockdown, from backing a loser at Cheltenham Festival, to the downsides (and upsides) of not being able to get a haircut and the perils of panic buying.

The Glummer Twins. The Beat Goes On. Socially distanced spoken word and music from the Beat Generation.

The show, which will be available online at, premiers at 10am on 15th August and runs until 31st August. And it’s free.

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