Diving into Brighton Festival

Day 1 of reviewing in the festival

Morning All…As I wake from a groggy week of work the sun is shining on the next month of wonder and inspiration. My window view is where I start my reviewing season.


Quick stop for a training course where alas I miss the review teams breakfast I embark on day of festival unknowns and adventures. I always on thr look out for something a bit different that hits the heart.

Why review…well at the top of my huge pile of reasons why is the notion of finding the unknown gem…the company that excites every creative cell, has an energy and fire in their story and form that has never been seen before and your review can be part of the process that supports them selling out for the rest of the run and go on to continue their work. I’m talking about the companies such as Broken Chair with their most incredible new work ‘Sonder.’ This is the way to approach reviewing with the least amount of ego and pomp as possible and why I like writing for Fringe Review. Not to tell a company what they are doing wrong but to support and celebrate successes.

Today first stop in Hanover in someone’s front room where the world has ended and then on to a one man show about being too old to go out and too young to stay in.

Come join me for wonder over this month of bringing art to our human struggle…

End Times: An Immersive Adventure Sat 04 May 2pm 2019

Too Young to Stay In, Too Old to Go Out! at Werks 2 in Sweet Werks on Sat 04 May 2019