Dance and Physical Theatre at Brighton Fringe 2019

                    The Birth of Death directed by Yael Karavan 
                    Körper (Body)

Dance and Physical theatre is one of those categories that doesn’t really work. As a result a lot of physical theatre gets listed in other categories such as comedy or theatre.

Here are a few of our recommendations to help you find your way through the mire. What would you like to see?

I want to see…

                    WATCHING, Ceci n'est pas de Deux 
                    What Doesn't Make the Cut

… a mix of theatre, puppetry and dance. Then see Watching, Ceci n’est pas de Deux

…  interactive improvisation with stunning physical imagery, set to an evocative score. Then see The Birth of Death

… a dynamic new dance production exploring the impact of social media on the young female generation and how it effects the perception of themselves and others in the world. Then see What Doesn’t Make the Cut

… a mix of dance and spoken word this piece dives deep into the world of rape culture, sexuality, gender identity, race polarisation and religion. Then see Sullied

… some “upbeat dance theatre duet that explores the mental and physical ‘weight’ of our thoughts and inner voice through raw, physical movement, dark humour, original text and lively music”. Then see Weight/Wait

                    From The Cradle To The Bin

… a “visually stunning choreography and live music that transports the audience into a dystopia that feels all too familiar…”. Then see George

… some bouffon clown. Then see From the Cradle to the Bin

… a movement piece that questions the unconscious way most of us live our lives. We all have our own different rituals which serve to reaffirm our idea of self and nurse our ego, but we rarely stop to consider what we actually base our choices on. Are we really in control of who we grow up to be? What made us who we are, and what happens if we don’t conform to the expectations of society? Then see Korper (Body)

… an award-winning performance from Amsterdam Fringe 2018. Then see The World We Live In

… some work-in-progress clown and physical comedy. Then see Luke Rollason’s Infinite Content

… a show for all the family – a captivating interactive adventure show full of comedy, clowning, super special effects and a stupendous plot. The Adult Catchers#

… some comedy and chaotic acrobatics. Then see Chores

We’ll be adding more recommendations throughout the Fringe.

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