Our Recommendations for Day One at Brighton Fringe 2019

Brighton Fringe 2019 swings officially into action today and, unsurprisingly, there is far too much to choose from.

Here are a few of our recommendations to help guide you through the vast amount of choice. That said, our recommendations are just a small part of plenty of other shows well worth seeing.

So, what do you want to see?

I want to see…

 Privates  Mocking Birds

… some lunchtime theatre. Then see Individual Medley at 1.30pm at The Warren in The Burrow

… a show about the first world war. Then see Conflict of Interest, 2.15pm at Sweet Werks 2

… some unique, quirky physical comedy. Then see Privates at 8pm at The Warren in the Blockhouse

… some theatre highly recommended by FringeReview – a tale of sex, seduction and survival in the underworld of 1800’s Brighton. Then see Betsy: Wisdom of a Brighton Whore at 7pm at The Old Ship Hotel

… some afternoon  physical theatre, stand-up, spoken word and a thumping soundtrack. Then see Honey Bee at 4.40pm at The Warren, in The Nest

…  a visual meditation on an artist’s experience of being stalked by a former lover over the course of five years. Then drop into StalkHer at 4pm at Gallery Lock In on Little Western Street

… two very funny women. Then see Mocking Birds at 8pm at Junkyard Dogs: The Howler

… some early evening theatre, a show that chronicles the tales of some of the most enigmatic and misunderstood women throughout history. Then see Herstory at 6.10pm at The Warren in The Nest

… some afternoon work in progress stand-up comedy. Then see Thanyia Moore: Bully at 4.10pm at The Pipeline, 6 Little East Street

… some theatre – a feminist-folk-horror based on the 19th century Sussex tale of ‘Ol’ Sary Weaver’. Then see Sary at 8pm at Sweet Werks 2

… Elvis in the open air. Then see Suspiciously Elvis Goes Country at 7.30pm at Brighton Open Air Theatre

… something site-specific. Then see Square Peg at 7.30pm at Nether Regions, 59A Clyde Road

… some later evening off the wall, Twin-Peaksish spoken word music. Then see the acclaimed Bear North at 9.25pm Sweet Werks 2

… an acclaimed show about Marlene Dietrich. Then see Dietrich: Natural Duty at 9.45pm at the Rialto Theatre


… some powerful theatre in the evening. Then see Closer at 7.30pm at the Rialto Theatre

… some late evening free comedy. Then see Shaggers at 10.15pm at Laughing Horse at the Quadrant

… some highly acclaimed, sitcom, off-the-wall comedy theatre. Then see Pamela’s Palace at 9.30pm at the Bosco at Brighton Spiegeltent

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