Sketch Comedy at Brighton Fringe

                    Northern Power Blouse 
                    Siblings: Acting out and Siblings: The Third

There’s a lot of sketch comedy at this year’s Fringe. Here’s our guide…

I want to see…

a sketch show full of heart, songs and massive, massive shoulder pads. Then see Northern Power Blouse

… very late night sketch comedy, fast-paced sketches and a banging playlist. Then see Hot Mess: Dirty Stop Outs

… an late night hour of observational sketch, character comedy and musical parody. Then see Bread and Geller

… two highly acclaimed character comedians and real-life sisters. Then see Siblings: Acting Out and Siblings: the Third

… ” a hilarious new hour full of sketches, words and seemingly impossible acrobatics.” Then see PÖJJ Presents: PÖJJ

… A Brighton Fringe sketch debut – Twenty-five cleverly crafted sketches in 55 minutes from “an ensemble with chemistry that would impress your old A-Level teacher. ” Then see Just These, Please

… Brighton’s rude and raucous female comedy troupe, with songs, sketches and wry musings on the female experience. Then see Fannytasticals Cum Again

                    The Biscuit Barrel 
                    Pelican: Fisk

… one of the fastest sketch shows this year, as the gags come quick, daft, and not for the easily upset. Then see The Biscuit Barrel

… some absurd sketch and character comedy. Then see Pelican:Fisk

… a narrative sketch show set on a low-budget cruise ship. Then see The Poseidon Conjecture

We’ll be adding more recommendations during the Fringe.

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