First Crack off the Bat – Three Broken Ribs

Lori Hamilton continues her series of blogs about the mishaps and challenges of bringing a show to the Edinburgh Fringe.

It was February 10, 2020. Having written a play about following my intuition, you would think that I would follow my intuition. But you would be wrong. On that particular morning, I decided to shave my legs. My intuition, said, “I wouldn’t do that!”. “Hush,” I replied. “What if I get a pedicure today?”

Turns out I only had enough shaving cream for one leg, so I improvised and used conditioner for the other one.  That made the bottom of my shower super slippery.  I promptly fell and broke three ribs.

I think my ego was at least as bruised as my body. I quickly learned that the key risk with broken ribs is pneumonia. So I was social distancing before it was cool. That turned out to be a lucky thing because at least a dozen people I know who got Covid right around that time by either performing or visiting Broadway.

Then it was March 9. Time to record the soundtrack for the show.  This time I listened to my intuition and insisted that we record March 9-11.  Turns out, that was a good move because March 11 is when it was announced that New York City was being closed down.

So yes, I recorded the album with three broken ribs and a bruised ego. The moral of the story is that when you write a play about following your intuition, maybe it’s a good idea to follow your intuition!

Broken ribs and music – a great mix

Here are some photos of me and the team at the recording session– Jan Douglas (voice teacher), Brett Parnell (producer and musician), John Bennett (producer), Keith Burton (piano).

Recording session – only possible because I finally listened to my intuition