I want to see … some history at Brighton Fringe

I want to see… some history at Brighton Fringe 2023

Those of you interested in history, from most points on the timeline if posterity have plenty of choice at this year’s Fringe.

History is often explored through theatre, musicals and comedy, as well as talks and a bit of film and cabaret. Here are a few of our highlights. This year’s Brighton Fringe features several shows from the 20th Century exploring war, royalty and subversive local history. With shows from the Victorian era and earlier there’s enough to keep history lovers busy in May.

I want to see…

… some theatre about the East End Match Girls in 1888 and 1968. Then see Chopped Liver & Onions.

… some theatre set during the Victorian Music Hall Era. Then see Marie Lloyd stole my life.

… a play about King Edward VIII. Then see The King’s Speech.

… some subversive Sussex History. Then join The Subversive Sussex Walk

… a character theatre piece, the story of James Napier; a gambler, drinker, adventurer, and lothario. Then see Old Bones

… some award-winning solo theatre about the First World War. Then see The Unknown Soldier.

… “…a selection of scenes, songs and accounts of the lives of the ‘Idle Women’ who trained to operate boats on the Inland Waterways during the second world war.” Then see Idle Women – scenes and songs exploring the lives of women on the waterways in WWII

… a solo queet musical set in Berlin in 1933. Then see Fabulett 1933.

… a piece about painter Vincent Van Gogh. Then see At Eternity’s Gate.

… a “… deeply moving, fast-paced true story of catastrophe, survival and love from Britain’s home front.” Then see A Long Night in London.

… an award-winning comedian with an alternative history stand-up comedy show. Then see It Just So Happened: An Alternative History Show.

… a play set during Fascist Italy, Then see Il Burattino.