Improvised comedy and theatre at Brighton Fringe.

Most “improv” is quintessentially fringe, WHy is that? Probably because unscripted live performance has always been a reaction to the mainstram of “scripted” performance. With no lines to learn we are already on (and even falling over) the edge.

Some improv is right on that edge whilst some is a bit scripted, haging on formats and structures that often mark out that particular company’s brand. You get to make up the title of a show or the musical and the performers magic up a new version each night seemingly out of nowhere. It can be breathtaking and it usually, though not always plays for laugh. There is a fair whack to choose from this Brighton Fringe and here is our good improv guide to help you choose. So, what improv would you like to see?

I want to see…

… some comeptitive comedy improv. Then see fringe regulars Comedysportz UK

… an improvised Wes Anderson film. Then see Yes, Anderson, An Improvsed Wes Anderson Film

… some improvised Shakespeare. Then see Impromptu Shakespeare

… a comedy interview improv podcast. Then see Improvised Movie Director Podcast

… London’s top multicultural improv troupe. Then see Minority Report Improv

… some improv Star Wars. Then see IT’S A TRAP! The Improvised Star Wars Show

… an improvised sketch show recreating the high-stakes scenes from your favourite movies! Then see Film Club – An Improvised Comedy

… an improvised murder mystery. Then see CSI: Crime Scene Improvisation. Or see Leslie Bloom Solves a Murder. Or try Locomotive for Murder: The Improvised Whodunnit. Or give Criminal a go.

… a live comedy panel quiz show. Then see Dead or Alive

… some improv controlled by robots. Then see Artificial Intelligence Improvisation

… an improvised comedy movie. Then see Flopbusters: Improvised Comedy Movie

… some improv dance. Then see Roadhouse Improv

… an improvised ’90s sitcome. Then see Mates: The Improvise ’90s Sitcom

… an musical show based on the classic road trip and insomnia companion: radio. Then see Bird and Tax Collector Present: Talk Radio

… some award-winning dark comedy improvisation. Then see Between us: Sex Lives & Improvisation

… an improvised a Cappella musical. Then see Acaprov: The Improvised A Cappella Musical

… several improvised mujsicals in one show. Then see Do the thing: Up to, but not exceeding 10 musicals

… an improvised comedy game show. Then see Sabotage

… an improvised quickfire comedy sketch show. Then see The Elephant in the Room: An Improvised Comedy Show

… a musical improv show about flaws. Then see Your Flaws: the Musical

… an improv musical, dancing rom com. Then see Bla Bla Land

… an improvised musical. Then see Notflix

And that is the full set so far. If any more improvised theatre, comedy, movie r “other” shows make it onto our radar here at FringeReview, we’ll let you know and update this page.