Musical Theatre Preview at Brighton Fringe: 60 Minutes of Mood Swings

‘Would You Still Love Me if I was a Wiggly Worm?’ The Important Questions We Want
Answered in the New Feminist Comedy Musica

OnTheNose Productions presents their debut show 60 Minutes of Mood Swings at
Brighton Fringe; “a hilarious yet harrowing feminist musical that explores the performers’
insecurities, imperfections, and ’constructive feedback’ from men. As they comedically put
themselves down for your enjoyment. No one listens to women who talk too much…so we
sing instead!”

“Balancing comedy and tragedy, 60 Minutes of Mood Swings is a shock to the system; angry
with the cards they’ve been dealt, these women refuse to apologise for your expectations,
crudeness and misogyny anymore. In a performance drawing from personal experiences,
the company find themselves at a boot camp for flawed women, where they push back
against the increasingly unfair expectations placed upon them by society and question what
it takes to conform to these unrealistic standards. Through witty dialogue and poignant
moments, the show delves into the struggles of conforming to toxic and hyper-masculine
standards imposed on women. “

“The women’s journey is portrayed with a motherly helping of
self deprecating humour and vulnerability, that follows the steps we take to walk home alone
at night, a love ballad to our lord and saviour Andrew Tate, and the question of whether
anything will ever change?. Swing through the moods as we sing, dance, joke, and laugh at
our own flaws.”

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