Twenty to see at Caravanserai

Caravanserai is the Fringe’s community hub, with theatre spaces, bars, eateries and places for families to safely hang out. There’s a stage called Fringe City for shows to showcase a flavour of their work.

And it’s all (or mostly) built from bits of old caravans (and a lot more) into a living work of art (with decent toilets).

You can find all the shows and happenings at Caravaserai here.

So, what to see in the latter half of Brighton Fringe?

I want to see at Caravanserai…

I want to see…

… a circus show. Then see Circus Abyssinia: Tulu

… a one woman fully improvised musical comedy show. Then see Jenny Wynter By Request

… a burlesque show. Then see The Black Market Burlesque

… some comedy theatre. Then see Police Cops: Badass Be Thy Name

… some Norse Mythology theatre. Then see Mythos: Ragnarok

…  a surreal, and positively absurd, satirical comedy. Then see Allegedly Calm

… an improvised musical. Then see Do the thing: Up to, but not including, 10 musicals or see Notflix

… “a successful failed actor, now a rap star in the making – except maybe he’s not as talented as he thinks he is.” Then see Eddie Volondo: Wild and Free

… some storytelling theatre for 12s and up. Then see Twisted Tales

… a family friendly show with bubbles. Then see The Bubble Show

… some Shakespeare. Then see Pericles (and for austistic individuals see this Pericles

… some murder mystery comedy improv. Then see CSI: Crime Scene Improvisation

… some theatre, a show about art, dogs and obsession. Then see M U S I C

… a comedy legend. Then see Arthur Smith: My First 75 Years in Comedy

… a satirical comedy posthumously recounting one man’s life from childhood during the colonial era to modern day Zimbabwe. Then see 1000 Miles

… some Bowie. Then see Klowie: Time, Machine

… some theatre, two new and powerful playlets uncover the true stories of Ruth Ellis and Edith Thompson hanged and executed for murder and looks at the severe miscarriage of justice created by the English legal system. Then see Hidden Stories

… some interactive fun theatre for the whole family. Then see Sunshine

… some comedy in a caravan. Then visit Komedia’s Comedy Caravan

… a wild night of transnational party rhythms with this explosive and vibrant musical culture clash for the ages. Then see Balkan vs Cumbia

… a magic show for kids. Then see Magic Gareth’s Magic Eye

… a fast-paced solo show exploring female empowerment. Then see Surfing the Holyland

… an acclaimed solo show. Then see The Art of the Damaged Soul: The One Woman Show Adaptation

… a warm and witty musical rom comedy, made up before your eyes. Then see Blah Blah Land

… an important theatre piece about the Partinioning of India in 1947. Then see Mohan: A Partition Story

… stand-up comedy with juggling. Then see Jon Udry’s Having a Ball

We’ll be adding more recommendations right up until the last day at Caravanserai.