PREVIEW: Get some Self-Help at Camden Fringe

Self-Help is a solo dark comedy billed as “theatre’s answer to doom-scrolling.” According to writer Gianluca Scatto, the piece is “inspired by the meteoric rise of the toxic masculinity influencers dominating platforms like TikTok” and “follows the story of the disillusioned and desperate John Scott. Flicking mindlessly through his phone, John is suddenly compelled to stop and listen by a charismatic man claiming to have all the answers, and for only $25 a month – ‘Dan with a Plan’. Worth a shot, right?”

The production “seeks to highlight how susceptible young men can be in their quest to feel seen and heard, and how an impressionable mind can be manipulated with dangerous ideas. Dan with a Plan, a smooth talking and charismatic public speaker, challenges the audience not to fall for his charm and follow John down the alpha male rabbit hole. Interweaving dreams with reality throughout the narrative, boundaries of the conscious and unconscious mind are blurred to demonstrate the pervasiveness of Dan’s rhetoric as John begins to lose his mind.”

Combining video projection, live music and sharp writing throughout the performance, the show “promises to offer a varied and compelling experience for its viewers.”

The piece is co-written and directed by Joe Maddalena and Gianluca Scatto

Directors: Joe Maddalena and Gianluca Scatto

Cast: Joe Maddalena

Self-Help 25th-26th August 2023, Friday and Saturday at 7.30pm

Running time: is approx 60 minutes. Age recommendation: Ages 14+

The venue is the Canal Café Theatre, Delamere Terrace, Little Venice, London, W2 6ND.Tickets: £8 (plus a £1.50 booking fee)

Social Media: Instagram: @Selfhelp_show

Twitter: @selfhelptheatre.