Sam Toocaram, Joe Sear-Myles, Chloe Daley-Brown and Artie Godden from Onsen Presents talk to Jo Tomalin about physical theatre and their show INSERTPLAY running at Camden Fringe 2023

“This play comes from a fresh writer who is so fresh, he’s writing jokes that most writers would think were TOO silly.

[INSERT PLAY] is about two actors who get trapped in their own play as it falls apart around them. Sam and Joe don’t know their lines, the stage door has disappeared, and the script is being re-written on stage as they try every way to break out of the play. [INSERT PLAY] explores the conflict between pragmaticism and creativity, and reminds us to enjoy the ride.

A meta play that explores the insanity of creative process, with minimal set design and costume, we rely on nonsense joke writing (think Spike Milligan), clownish delivery (think Godot is a Woman) and larger than life physicality to ensure the audience are always laughing at the attempts to escape this Play Gone Wrong.”

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