Solo Comedy Preview: Ultimate Jewish Mother

The UK comedy circuit’s only Orthodox Jewish Comedian returns to the Edinburgh Fringe with an original new lunchtime comedy show.

Whether it’s a relationship problem, how to word a sensitive work email or the best way to cook a brisket, this Jewish
mother has all the answers you’ll need. Award-winning comedian Rachel Creeger presents her brand-new interactive
comedy show. Want to know anything about anything? “Just ask your Jewish mother already!” as Rachel suggests.

Known for playing off and challenging stereotypes through her work, in Ultimate Jewish Mother Rachel aims to prove
that Jewish mothers always know best and have the answer to any possible query – however personal! The hour is a
mixture of stand up, improvised responses to audience questions, advice from her “upcoming book” notes, and
occasional parody songs. Questions are submitted in advance via email, in the queue or live during the show.

A neurodivergent performer, this is also a window into the way Rachel’s chaotic brain can sometimes be laser-focused!
Due to the interactive nature of Ultimate Jewish Mother, the show is unpredictable and will be different every time.
Other than the introduction and finale, what happens depends on the audience’s questions and reactions. Rachel will
need to select her responses from her body of material and songs or improvise something new. It might include three songs on one day or one on the following day, and at varying points in the show each time. The way the hour plays out is entirely determined by the room on each occasion.

Rachel Creeger is a multi-award-winning stand-up comedian, writer, director, and broadcaster, and the only practicing
orthodox Jew on the mainstream UK comedy circuit. She’s resident MC for London club “Comedy Upstairs at the Adam
& Eve”, and co-hosts both internationally renowned chat show podcast “Jew Talkin’ To Me?” and Neighbours superfan
podcast “Leaving Erinsborough”.

Full show details and booking here. (performing as part of PBH’s Free Fringe at Whistlebinkies. 1.30pm on selecred dates.

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