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Adelaide Fringe 2011

Here Comes the Son

Harley Hefford

Genre: Musical Theatre

Venue: Higher Ground - Shimmering West, 9, Light Square, Adelaide


Low Down

 A group of five misfits bound by their love of music and desire for adventure travel from Melbourne to Perth in a ‘magical’ van/car. Along the way they encounter strange and exotic creatures of the imagination as they battle through the trials and tribulations of the harsh Outback and magical forces at play. The journey is accompanied by a jumbled soundtrack and the cast’s acid-induced performance is infectious.


 Here Comes the Son is the ride of a lifetime and takes a road trip adventure to new heights in this bohemian production. Perry and his friends offer to deliver a ‘magical’ van/car bought off eBay to their wacky uncle (who once punched a baby dingo in the face) in Perth. They are warned that the car has strange magical powers but pay little attention to the warning. Once on the road it doesn’t take long for them to feel the effects of the van/car as they enter ‘Eloquentsville’ and then encounter two talking kangaroos that demand an $80 Kangaroo Toll. The hazy journey continues with a brief stopover in Adelaide where the group discover a fanciful young woman who has been hiding in the boot of the van/car all along. She provides whimsical insights into their motivations and personalities while coasting along on their journey. The voyage continues in this phantasmagoric manner as the troupe encounter more strange and eclectic creatures in the Outback before finally arriving in Perth and meeting their free-spirited uncle who answers all their questions, which inevitably raises more questions.

The performances are realistic and capture the essence of youth, fantasy, and idealism. The group balanced each other out with different personalities and each character left a lasting impression on the audience. The script is humorous, insightful and realistic containing a number of whimsical themes and ideals that reflect the mavericks of the sixties and seventies. From the moment viewers enter the performance space, they are transported to a psychedelic world where paisley prints, kitschy adornments, and bright colours reign. The natural light from the dusky sun coupled with the rustic surroundings immediately signify a lazy Australian summer—the perfect backdrop for a group of teenagers to take the trip of a lifetime. The soundtrack, provided by the cast members themselves, were harmonised impeccably with only a talented guitarist providing the music.
This production was Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds come to life with an Australian twist. It was an exceptionally captivating journey that reflected on the simple things in life and the magic you can experience if you open your mind. This is a show that reflected the spirit of the Fringe and all the natural wonder in the world.