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Adelaide Fringe 2011


Box City Theatre

Genre: Community Theatre

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Low Down

This is an unusual premise to build a show on, but has been cleverly done.  Much like those movies about bugs, ants and other creatures, this play is about pigs! What do you get when you cross 3 blue pigs and 1 pink? A genetically comically modified show! Despite being a very short show, Snout combines songs, slapstick, live music and quirky accents and a plethora of pig-puns.


Snout is the latest installment from local Adelaide group Box City Theatre and tells the tale of life for three laboratory bound blue pigs who receive an unsuspecting visitor; a pink pig. The three against one show explores the immediate thought of pigs…LUNCH and the eventual death that awaits them.


What worked were the quick fire dialogues, comic timing and physicality. It was evident that these elements were well rehearsed and allowed for much hilarity from the audience. Another highlight were the striking costumes of both cast and crew that gave the impression of a lab-like environment. It would have been great if the audience were given jumpsuits, hairnets or masks to wear and if the seating matched the situation.


Snout opens with much promise by tackling hot topic issues from exploring all the food that contains pork to the treatment of laboratory kept animals, but fails to conclude with any logic or thought. About halfway through is where the confusion sets in and a pig who was shot and pulled through a feed tube later returns alive and with a half amputated leg?  It was quite a strange ending.



Overall, Snout deserves credit for going out on a limb and tackling an issue often argued, but not resolved. The trio work well together and with more time and less male genital references, Snout could be an educational show for secondary schools. There are definitely some worthy subject matters in need of awareness and debate and Snout is one of them!



Set in The Bally theatre at Gluttony, the very minimalist stage and lighting doesn’t offer much support to the show. There is the occasional flash of light and sound effect, but the outside noise often made it difficult to comprehend what was going on. In addition the show was over and done with after twenty five minutes despite being advertised as a forty minute show and costing that of other local hour-long shows!


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