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Adelaide Fringe 2011

The Wau Wau Sisters are Naked As The Day They Were Born Again!

Wau Wau Sisters

Genre: Circus

Venue: The Spiegeltent, Garden of Unearthly Delights


Low Down


From New York to Adelaide, this pair of incestuous, circus sisters appear at the adult only timeslot of 11:30pm for good reason. It’s a kind of stand up comedy meets rock and roll meets well…everything else! Oh, and did I mention they are completely starkers? Not knowing where to watch when they tumble and turn and climb on each other in their birthday suits but laughing all the way at their “filthy” stand-up brilliancy!



Arriving on the (no longer) conservative Adelaide scene without their suitcases, the Wau Wau’s deliver a high-paced show full of all the elements you want and even the parts you don’t. As the lights dim and the music rises, The Wau Wau Sisters come rushing out completely naked, offering lollies on a silver platter. As they bounce, wiggle and wonder around the crowd “getting to know us”, the Wau Wau’s make comment that “we’re all a little tense” but promise we’d all be like family by the end, and they weren’t kidding!


The Wau Wau Sisters are an interdisciplinary duo taking the cross theatrical art form to a new level. Combining facets of circus, comedy, dance, singing, audience interaction and stand-up comedy, the twosome showcase a new blend of theatre that would rival any other group. Contributing to this new breed of theatrics, The Wau Wau Sisters are not just funny, they are exceptionally skilled at what they do that it wouldn’t matter what venue they performed in. In fact, there is something to be said for groups that rely solely of their skill set and abilities than fancy lighting and costumes.


With exceptional comic timing, dirty gags, absurd aerial (I often wondered if their skin pinched and pulled as they performed some nifty naked tricks up there) and redneck cowgirl songs the Wau Wau Sisters is not a show for the faint hearted! At one point the Wau Wau’s even encourage the audience to exchange clothes with one another…and some do!


As the pair upped the anti with each routine and pun, both girls do a marvelous job in making sure the audience’s initial awkwardness is replaced with feeling right at home. From singing about their family ‘cook outs’ to paying a duo aerial homage to one of the greatest rock bands of all time – The Wau Wau Sister’s set a new bar in the comic circus scene.


Set in the glorious Spiegeltent at the Garden of Unearthly Delights, the show combined both cabaret style seating with traditional row seats. The lighting contributed well to the overall package blending both cirque and stand up lighting, simplistic yet powerful.  As the pair drank while performing on the stage, they encouraged us to do the same; in the middle of a balancing, guitar playing, sister singing moment, one sister reaches for her beer whilst holding up the other!


The show included out of the ordinary aspects of audience interaction with one audience member acting as a somewhat stage hand having to move microphones and guitars, while others were sprayed with glitter and beer or instructed to help dress the pair. All of this of course built up to the finale when two unsuspecting male audience members were offered a “backstage pass!” They were dressed in cowgirl suits, asked to remove their jeans and shirts and then became the apparatus for the sisters to perform balancing tricks on!


Overall, the Wau Wau Sister’s excelled from beginning to end and judging by the crowd, had us like putty in their hands from the moment they came rushing onto stage. Their season at the Adelaide Fringe has now closed but there is no doubt they will be back; bare or otherwise!



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