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Adelaide Fringe 2012


Written, directed and performed by Trygve Wakenshaw. Presented by Theatre Beating

Genre: Physical Theatre


 Holden Street Theatres – The Arch

34 Holden St



Low Down

 Surrender your sanity, as Squidboy takes you on an awesome, and very funny, journey of imagination.


 Squidboy is a one-man show, written and performed by Trygve Wakenshaw, and it is currently on at the delightful Holden Street Theatres. Sadly for Squidboy, on the night that I attended there were only two other people in the audience, but in spite of this Wakenshaw managed to create a magical, crazy adventure that was a joy to be a part of.

 Wakenshaw plays Squidboy, an imaginary squid clad in some very fetching white polar fleece tentacles. Throughout the performance we also encounter a range of other (completely imagined) characters, from the faithful but doomed dog, Poochie to the imaginary love interest, Susan Elevator Voice, who then proceeds to develop her own imagination.

Sound a little insane? Well it is, but it is also laugh-out-loud funny as the show combines elements of mime with excellent physical comedy. Wakenshaw’s highly animated facial expressions are hilarious, and he also generates a huge array of sound effects that really serve to connect the audience with the performance.

The script is highly original and moments of ‘contemporary dance’ at the beginning of the performance have all three of us giggling. The gangly, bearded Wakenshaw gives a very believable performance with an unwavering commitment to the concept.

 At the core of the experience is the audience’s ability to embrace the childlike imagination required by the show; the humour revolves completely around this capacity to let their imaginations run wild alongside Squidboy’s. In fact, the end of the performance provides an opportunity for the spectators to imagine scenes from their own lives for use in the performance.

The show could also be for a younger audience, from six years old and up, but it was great to relish the opportunity to let my wide-eyed inner child out of the box for the evening. Squidboy is a playful romp that truly explores the concept and power of imagination in an enchanting way. If you’re looking for something a little different, then head out to Holden Street Theatres in support of this very talented performer and his charming alter ego, Squidboy.



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