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Adelaide Fringe 2013

Blind Date

Big One Little One

Genre: Installation Theatre

Venue: Adelaide CBD


Low Down

How much would you trust yourself with a stranger? And what if you were blindfolded? This innovative form of immersive theatre is a unique and personal experience for each participant—it is a way of experiencing the city through someone else’s eyes (literally!) and building confidence in yourself to trust a stranger. 


Blind Date is a surreal experience that combines elements of traditional dates and shifting one’s perception of a city—another person can see an old brick wall as a piece of history. To describe the date in detail would be misguiding as it really depends on what the participant is willing to contribute and their level of comfort with the proposed activities. There was a clear understanding of what the boundaries were, and Bren was courteous and amusing, which given the circumstances was an important factor.

The setup is well executed with surveys so that each participant has some idea of the other and what to expect from each other. The logistics of the Blind Date are also detailed and participants are instructed to wait for Bren with their eyes closed—a somewhat nerve-wracking chore at first, but it gives partakers time to get used to not relying solely on their sight.

The lack of sight forces the participant to hone their other senses and be more aware of their surroundings. It is thought-provoking and refreshing exercise. Bren’s running commentary of the scene is entertaining, especially when describing passers-by who do double-takes when they see a man leading a blindfolded woman (who can blame them?) and fascinating when he describes a scene that you know—or think you know. Unfortunately, participants are not allowed to see their date, even at the end, the only negative part of this routine.

This was an enjoyable total sensory experience and this particular interaction between strangers was amiable, even effortless. A unique Fringe experience that is already proving to be popular with all of the shows sold out.


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