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Adelaide Fringe 2013


Arts Project Australia

Genre: Physical Theatre

Venue: The Big Top – The Garden of Unearthly Delights, Rundle Park, East Terrace, Adelaide


Low Down

The rough streets of Colombia come to Adelaide in this heart-stopping, jaw-dropping freestyle performance by the troupe from Circo Para Todos (Circus for All). This show captures the violence, joy, dance and music of the city of Call as two street gangs battle it out, encouraging the audience to be a part of the intoxicating atmosphere.


Two gangs from Call are introduced and as they throw themselves in the air performing acrobatic feats one can only dream of, a story emerges of a young man whose life changes as he and his ‘friends’ are seduced by the high life and possibilities when one has money. After realising that the darkness of drugs, violence, and blood isn’t worth the money he tries to work an honest job; however, a vicious circle develops where the honest jobs don’t pay enough. Eventually he stumbles upon the Circo Para Todos who welcome him and train him to become an illustrious acrobat, thus finding his place in the world with real friends and family enriching his life in way he hadn’t experienced before. 

This heart-warming tale was performed to near perfection—the troupe worked together, as all great teams do, to execute the dangerous and astonishing acrobatic feats. The ethereal aerial acrobatics in particular had the audience on the edge of their seats, not daring to take their eyes off the two slight women above them clutching to the apparatus with their toes and ankles. Back on the ground, the men showed off their prowess by dancing, leaping, and tumbling to the live soundtrack performed by the troupe themselves.

The themes of the show were punctuated by the lighting, occasional use of a smoke machine, and dynamic videos projected on the screen. The live soundtrack—a heady cocktail of samba, hip-hop, and traditional Colombian music—fuelled the energy in the room. The apparatus used was simple with most of the feats executed by the performers themselves. Their interaction with the audience was endearing, and light-heartedness with each other balanced the harsh realities of the streets of Call that they showcased.

Circolombia is one of the highlights of the Adelaide Fringe with their daredevil freestyle acrobatics, unique form of storytelling, and passion for what they do. It’s an exhilarating journey with too many twists and tumbles to count, but a fantastic feast for the senses.


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