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Adelaide Fringe 2013


Rich Batsford

Genre: Musical Theatre

Venue: Higher Ground East Art Base – 188 Grenfell Street, Adelaide


Low Down

Rich Batsford engages the audience with original music that tells the story of his personal journey to creative fulfilment, and expresses the value of taking time to meditate in a fast-paced world. His passionate performance enthrals and delights the ears and imagination with swirling notes and melodies. His story takes the audience on a familiar journey accompanied by a rousing soundtrack.


Rich Batsford brings a quiet energy to his music. The performance tells a story, which we are all familiar with—that of a young man stuck in an uninspiring 9-to-5 job who finally quits to pursue his dream of doing something more creative and something he is passionate about. On the journey he draws inspiration from his musical heroes, he reflects on what his friends are doing, he meets the love of his life and his journey to fulfilling his dreams and ambitions continue on an upbeat, positive note.

Although the story is somewhat clichéd, there are universal themes within it that most people can relate to and the execution is entirely original (with the exception of a tribute to Brian Wilson) with tunes that are melancholic, meditative, and towards the end upbeat and buoyant. Batsford’s music was harmonious and made artful transitions from light to dark, despondent to hopeful. He brings elements of folk, pop, and rock music inspired by bands from the 60s to his compositions that are enchanting.

The static stage was simply decorated to duplicate the night sky with a solitary spotlight on Batsford. He played an assortment of piano solo pieces and original songs with poetic lyrics; each piece was preceded by an overview of what the song represented and how it tied into his journey. It was a soothing afternoon that allowed the audience to escape the raucous streets of Adelaide.

Overall this was a memorable performance filled with beautiful compositions and nuances that told the story of one man’s journey—inspired by music icons, family and friends Batsford has created a winning soundtrack that is a breath of fresh air.


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