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Adelaide Fringe 2013


ThreeApplesHigh Theatre Co.

Genre: Mainstream Theatre

Venue: Higher Ground East (Art Base) – 188 Grenfell Street, Adelaide


Low Down

Smashed is the story of two best friends, Hazel and Ruby, who re-enact scenes from the past and imaginary future. An idyllic adolescence marred by the untimely loss of a parent, time travel, and zombie-inhabited junk yards make for an enthralling and bizarre story that entertains and spurs a range of emotions. You will laugh, cry, and ponder the meaning of life. 


Hazel and Ruby, emerge from an accident beaten and bruised to tell their story of friendship and solidarity through love and loss. They travel through time, re-enacting significant scenes that affected their lives—the heart-breaking revelation of Hazel’s mother’s terminal cancer, Hazel’s descent into the angst of adolescence, the idyllic summer spent sneaking into abandoned junk yards inhabited by zombies, and even a glance into their future as grown up career women.  

The script is quirky, thought-provoking, and humorous—the story tends to be obscure at times, and unnecessarily complicated when the plot jolts to scenes from the future; however, Mandalah Rose (Hazel) and Kate Englefield’s (Ruby) performances are captivating and the audience was entertained throughout. Their relationship as best friends was perfectly portrayed with Hazel’s headstrong and adventurous personality balancing Ruby’s naïve, bashful nature.  

Accompanied by a soundtrack filled with sound effects and an eclectic mix of well-known songs to set the scene the plot is made clear in the later scenes when the audience is taken back to the opening scene. There is a clearer understanding of what happened and the events that led to the emotional climax. The set, a cosy fusion of a teenage bedroom and junkyard in the Outback, is a neat metaphor for the vast space that encompasses complex emotions, and infinite possibilities when we believe anything is possible.  

Smashed is the journey of two best friends through time and space, the eighties, intoxicating dubstep and through childhood to save what is dear. Poignant, quirky, and filled with detours this play is entertaining and layered with emotion and philosophy. A fantastic display of local talent in an intimate venue that is sure to be a success!


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