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Adelaide Fringe 2014

Bogan Bingo – The Last Time

Bogan Bingo Inc.

Genre: Game Show

Venue: Rob Roy Hotel


Low Down

Ever thought about buying a Ford? Living in a caravan? Finally growing out that mullet? This just might be the show for you! A rollicking, dirt-rocker of a good time, Bogan Bingo is bingo with a dash of Tabasco, swallowed down with a mouthful of West End lager.


Rip roarin’, rock ‘n roll, and just about as trashy as you can get, Bogan Bingo- The Last Time gives everyone a chance to find out just how bogan we are. Featuring air-guitar challenges, bogan trivia, a baby-off and, of course, two full rounds of  bingo (most bogany of all the games of chance), this is a slick production, well rehearsed, and enormously entertaining. It’s really more of a game than it is a show, but the audience participation isn’t painful at all, and people are literally jumping out of their seats, sending schooners flying, to get up on stage and play along.

This is not deeply challenging art. It’s not asking the hard questions and forcing us to reevaluate things, it’s just a bloody good time that does exactly what it says it will – gets us laughing, in the competitive mood, and nicely ripped for an hour and a half of fun. We’d seen these bogans before, at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, so it was no surprise this was going to be a good time. What was surprising was how much the show had changed, with all new segments and ‘mini-games’, it was a totally different experience from the one we enjoyed in the frozen north.

If you’re looking for high art, this is not your bag. But if you’re looking for a no-strings good time, check out the bogans and their game of champions. You’ll be asked about your tattoos, encouraged to drink terrible lager, and treated to low-brow humor and all the 80’s hair bands you can stand, and you’ll love every minute.