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Adelaide Fringe 2014


Katie Noonan and Circa

Genre: Music

Venue: Garden of Unearthly Delights - Paradiso Spiegeltent


Low Down

In our earliest days as a colony women were often transported for incredibly minor crimes, forced to leave their children and families behind. During the latter part of the 1700’s and early1800’s love tokens were engraved with messages or, more often, images, for their loved ones left behind. This sad and cruel history is the inspiration for Katie Noonan’s Love-Song-Circus.


The convict women’s stories and revealing love-tokens are the basis for Katie Noonan’s latest project. Love-Song-Circus is essentially a concert, with Noonan’s musical genius filling the Paradiso Spiegeltent along with the remarkable accompaniment of the Gossamer String Quartet, Zoe Hauptmann on double bass and Benjamin Hauptmann on guitar, mandolin and banjo. The music is hauntingly beautiful and the lyrics tell the stories of just a few of the convict women, or ‘fierce hearts’ as Noonan refers to them as. 

Joining the ensemble are three equally brave young women from Brisbane based Circa: Melissa Knowles, Kate Muntz and Jessica Ward. These acrobats and aerialists represent, in Noonan’s own words, the “great individual strength" and " the strength of female friendship and solidarity” exhibited by our earliest colonial women.

Love-Song-Circus touches your soul, the music will fill your senses and the lyrics break your heart, yet you will leave the venue buoyed by a sublime performance.





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