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Adelaide Fringe 2014

The Kransky Sisters: Piece of Cake

The Kransky Sisters

Genre: Cabaret

Venue: Royalty Theatre - 65 Angas St, Adelaide


Low Down

Watch out! The Kransky Sisters are bringing their brand new-baked show to town! From Abba to Pink Floyd and Beyonce to AC/DC, these three eccentric sisters with their eclectic mix of instruments including musical saw, tuba, old reed keyboard, and kitchen pots, have cooked up a very special sweet and sour serving of well known songs gleaned from their old wireless at home. Add to this, a spicy lot of stories from the sisters’ travels, and you have the icing on the cake. Hot out of the oven, these oddball Queensland sisters reminiscent of your old aunties, will leave you wanting seconds!



While we wait for the ladies from Esk to arrive on stage slides from their adventures in rural Australia play, the Big Marino, Giant Koala, outback roads and quaint country towns. Eventually Mourne (Annie Lee), Eve (Christine Johnson) and half-sister Dawn (Carolyn Johns) open with the very first song they ever taught themselves to play off the wireless, Another Brick in the Wall, with their renowned droll style. 

The 60 minute show includes classics from ABBA to AC/DC and Pink Floyd to Mi-Sex.  A highlight was their rendition of Beyonce’s Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it) including a timbrel display to challenge the Esk Salvation Army Band. The timbrel display made another appearance when two Kransky ‘cousins’ from the audience joined the sisters on stage as a hilarious birthday treat for Dawn. 

The audience were entranced by the three-part harmonies and reimagining of well-known songs, amused by the sisterly banter and heart-broken by their failed search for love. I don’t think they found it in the audience tonight either and, to be honest, I think Mourne, Eve and Dawn are destined to remain Single Ladies.

The Kransky Sisters hold a rare status in Australian comedy and Piece of Cake does nothing to discourage that.  These ladies are icons, and not just at the Esk RSL.  


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