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Adelaide Fringe 2015

Mylie’s Relationship Status Is Complicated: A Facebook Romance

Lisa Marie Ryan

Genre: Cabaret

Venue: Channel 9 Chapel Of Love - Comedy Club 202 Tynte St North Adelaide


Low Down

A well written script, combined with great singing voice and acting make for a very entertaining show. Lisa has taken Facebook’s crazy posts on the profiles of the desperate and dateless searching for love in the wrongest of places and turned them into a very funny cabaret show using pop songs to tell the tale of one Facebook addict’s series of romantic disasters.


Lisa Marie Ryan is Mylie, socially shy and awkward newby to Facebook who is looking to achieve the ultimate social network romance status, “In A Relationship”. Lisa has written a winning script and combined it with a selection of popular songs, old, new, adapted and self-penned, which make for a very entertaining one hour show. Mark Steffanof on organ is great accompaniment to Lisa’s wonderful cabaret vocals. They work very well together.

We all know people on Facebook like this. Hell, some of us (or our friends) ARE people like this (lol) and Lisa-Marie’s selection of pop songs captured many of those over-sharing posts we have read with reactions running from cringing to lol (laughing out loud). Her own song, “Facebook Romance” is every bit as good as well-known hits, “When I Grow Up”, “Every Breath You Take” and “Wrecking Ball”. These and other songs are perfectly chosen to capture the many stages of Mylie’s romantic journey along the mindfield of on-line friendship requests, courting, stalking, relationship highs and lows and rejections.

The audience recognised those posts on Facebook in the scenarios Lisa covers. The audience were laughing out loud throughout the show, often where Mylie was over-sharing her naïve, compulsive and clumsily desperate attempts to find love and handle rejection in inappropriate ways, because we have seen them written on our own friends’ pages.

Lisa Marie Ryan’s voice is good enough for lead singer in any cabaret show and her script nailed all the angst riddled drama of Mylie’s love life. Her storytelling style and acting captures Mylie’s voice perfectly and her wonderful singing and song selection make for a great show. If you have ever had a Facebook profile of your own, get along to this and enjoy a wonderful performer bringing great humour to those posts that make us cringe and lol at the same time.


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