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Adelaide Fringe 2015

Sticks Stones and Broken Bones

Bunk Puppets

Genre: Puppetry

Venue: The Garden of Unearthly Delights - Umbrella Revolution


Low Down

"Remember no matter how big you get, there is always time to play." You are also never too old to believe in magic, as I discovered during this delightful performance. 


Definitely an all ages show as giggles, wonderment and thunderous laughter were as commonplace in the children as much as the adults. It also appeared to be entertaining and "cool" enough to appeal to many teenagers as well. (Now that’s saying something!).

Jeff Achtem began the show simply but creatively and engaged the audience with his charm and humour from the first moment. Who would have thought an audience member’s sneaker would have been transformed in such an imaginative way into a prop that told a story. Throughout the performance, Jeff dazzled us with his fabulous skills, creativity and storytelling.

His simple props were embellished and played with onstage as he built up the drama and the story. Pieces of rubber glove became a head, foam became a hand, everyday items became scenery as Jeff used these items to create shadow puppet mastery.

He used his hands, feet and even his mouth to manipulate his puppet characters and stories that had the audience in turn gasping, giggling, silent with awe and literally guffawing with laughter. Through Jeff’s incredible skill and showmanship, this show brings out the child in everyone and gives people the opportunity for an hour of escapism, a time to reflect on childhood fun and the opening of one’s imagination and a chance to feel some magic.