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Adelaide Fringe 2016

A murder most foul

Red Fez Productions/Ai Fiori

Genre: Costume, Fringe Theatre, Interactive, Theatre

Venue: Ai Fiori


Low Down

A murder mystery dinner where Downton Abby meets the British Raj. An interactive whodunit, where you could be the one who committed a murder most foul. Four course dinner and show – dress to impress!


I was so excited about the possibilities of this production.  The venue is beautiful with arching marble walls and elegant tables.  The cocktail drinks at reception are to die for and the Prosecco is just divine.  Having sat and chatted with our fellow murder/mystery partners, we were given the outline of the story and then a character.  We had questions we had to ask of other named characters, which started us moving around the little groups of people.

Invited to sit, we sat along three long tables.  I suspect that we only needed two, as we were very spread out with three tables.  The story unfolds with each course; new information being handed out in special envelopes for each character.  The Will is finally read out and the detective shares his final evidence with the whole group.  Eventually we have to choose who we think the murderer is and nominate ‘best dressed’, ‘best actor’ and so forth.

Most people would have been happier with a little more guidance: it wasn’t clear from the start that we needed to move around and even a seating plan for each course would have made that clearer.  Some people found the clues confusing but people chatted happily and joined in more as the dinner progressed.

I have to say the food was a bit disappointing.  The meal is served buffet style: there is plenty to eat but it’s not a very interesting menu and has all the negatives of a buffet style meal.  Most popular was the entree of arancini balls with the selection of cakes for dessert a close second.

It was great to see so many guests dressed up for the 1930s time frame of the story – some were very dressed up indeed which was delightful and added immeasurably to the atmosphere.  The flapper dresses and elegant head bands on the women were very beautiful indeed.  The hosts were also clearly engaged in their roles and enjoying themselves.

Based on the preview tonight, I’m sure some ‘tightening’ of the evening will happen even by tomorrow, with a few more clues and a little more direction from the charming hosts.  It is already a lively night out.