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Adelaide Fringe 2016

The Naked Magicians

Genre: Comedic, Magic and Mentalism

Venue: Gluttony - The Octagon


Low Down

A fantastic comedy show that just happens to have a little magic thrown in.


The review can just be one word this show -‘superb’.

Of course, then one has to ask, why is it superb?

Well because this is a show that has polish. From the moment the performers step out on stage, it’s all go. These guys have charisma to burn and they’re splashing it all on the audience from start to finish.

They get the audience to participate from the very start in a novel way, by throwing a large inflatable penis throughout the crowd, with the person who is caught with the penis when the music stops being their first participant of the night in their tricks. Having an inflatable penis bouncing through a crowd with everyone trying to bat it away so that they are not caught with it is a wonderful way to get the excitement of the night started.

As the show progresses they use various members of the audience to assist them in their stunts, but don’t worry, they have a knack for picking the right people to come up and the results are hilarious. Their interaction with the audience members is fantastic, the jokes coming thick and fast.

Even hecklers give the opportunity for some sensational ad lib comments that simply enhance the show. Of course, in a show like this there are going to be audience members yelling for the performers to ‘get it off’. The responses from the performers are sharp and witty. I guess they anticipate there will be at least someone in the crowd yelling out like that and they are ready for them.

I’ve mentioned how funny they are haven’t I? But what about the magic? Yes of course it’s there. It’s great. I can’t go into detail about them without spoiling the show but I can simply say that from the very first trick, you’re left wondering ‘how could they possibly do that?’, which of course is what you should always be wondering during a magic show.

To sum up, an entertaining show from start to finish. To me it is one of the must see shows of the Fringe.