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Brighton Fringe 2007


Venue: Komedia



Filling the Komedia Upstairs to capacity, it is safe to say that this crazy Japanese street theatre duo certainly make for an entertaining evening. With a hilarious mix of high-energy mime, magic, jokes, audience participation and prop-based comedy, you can see why their eminently translatable show (there is no speaking) has become the pick of fringe festivals worldwide.

Though not incredibly talented at any particular skill, such as juggling or sword swallowing, when they attempt these feats and fail (or cheat!) it is all part of the comedy act, and their lovable and grinning faces cannot fail to charm even the most sceptical of theatre-goers.

I suspect that their show is slightly toned down for the early evening audiences, and for their street performances; but the slightly risqué elements of their humour in the late show never overstepped the mark, but provided a welcome opportunity to giggle stupidly at the silly willy jokes!

Gamarjobat have successfully managed to translate what must obviously be a highly entertaining street-theatre act into a one hour stage show, which loses nothing by being put into a theatre space. Their ‘heavy suitcase’ act and clichéd but flawlessly performed ‘escalator behind the table’ routines were a great hit, as were the times when the very game audience members were hauled reluctantly onstage.

These guys are brilliant – go and see them, and I can guarantee that you will have a good time, whatever kind of theatre you usually enjoy.