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Brighton Fringe 2007

Googled Out

Venue: Friend’s Meeting House



Vacant bodies slumped at their keyboards. Surfers so hooked on the net, their inner selves evaporate in to the Ethernet forever! – The interesting premise of David Weedall’s play, but one that never really lived up to the production itself. 

The first twenty-minutes sailed by in an often humorous and absurd repeated scene, this was held by a wonderfully cyber-netic Petra played by Kimberley James, the computer programme at the centre of the piece. 

However the production seemed to lose its way and became clouded with some strange monologues, witty one-liners, the occasional plot-hole and repeated messages about today’s technology obsessed Society. 

Grumbling aside this seems to be the 1st draft of what could be an excellent play about modern times and the absurdity of living in today’s society; even as I sit here typing, checking my emails for the fifth time today, I begin to worry. 

The Cast on the whole escape unscathed with some memorable performances. I can think of worse ways to spend an evening.