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Brighton Fringe 2007

The Caesar Twins

Venue: Udderbelly



Twisting, jumping, falling, grinning Greek Gods are how the Caesar Twins are presented, and these two incredibly physically talented men certainly look the part, with their impeccably toned and bronzed torso’s displayed at every opportunity.

The show is largely made up of breathtaking stunts performed by the twins, using their enormous strength and boisterous physicality. Highlights included the upside cycling and the live-action computer game.

However these stunts are somewhat oddly interposed with black and white silent film of circus performers of yesteryear, and even more bizarrely, pictures from the twins’ early life; which went as far as pictures of them having sex and gory shots of a knee operation.

The most visually impressive feat for me was the aerial tissu work that they did – inspired by the Greek myth of Castor and Pollux. Spinning wildly above the audience so his face was a blur, and then plummeting to the ground, whichever twin performed this, it was gobsmacking!

All in all it was a highly entertaining show, but the twins’ fixed grins and identical stares sometimes made then appear rather reptilian, and their humour was largely cheesy and lacking in charisma. However, audience’s aren’t paying for Stuart Lee, so if you can grit your teeth at the bad jokes, and marvel at the main acts the Caesar Twins will certainly entertain!