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Brighton Fringe 2007


White Room Theatre

Venue: The Cella at the Sanctuary


Low Down

A developed piece from the Young Writer’s Course at Soho Theatre, Rachel Welch’s short play explores loss,  regret and what happens when an all too-real ghost from the past, returns for one final visit.


Comparisons with Truly Madly Deeply may not be a suprise on seeing this two-hander from Rachel Welch.

The intimate and cosy atmosphere of the Sanctuary Cella is used to imaginative effect and we find ourselves in the heart of the play, as both perfomers stand among us, and we feel the intensity of their meeting. 

It is no easy job to perform a few inches away from your audience. Some of the set pieces show a few cracks from such close proximity and the performers were not always 100% on top of the lines. But I applaud the approach. When it did work, it was close and electric. Nick Richards plays Brian, the ghosty, yet all-too touchably real boyfriend, with a calm and well paced control that created both touching and comic moments. Indeed, one audience member I spoke to afterwards refered to this play as “touching.”.

Jenny Rowe plays Jamie in a way that draws us in. She has a convincing nervousness, her anger is also convincing and she has great comic timing. I really enjoyed the interplay between the two characters, the story is simple and the underlying theme of “what we do with our time” is well exposed and explored.

It’s terrific to see theatre like this in the Cella. I wonder how this intimate staging would transfer to a bigger venue.

Overall, this show deserves to be seen. You’ll enjoy it and you’ll feel part of it. That’s rare in a lot of theatre.


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