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Brighton Fringe 2008

The Moops

The Moops

Venue: Udder Place, Old Steine Lawns


Low Down

 The most talked about newcomers on the London scene come to Brighton for two shows only! Catch the hottest sketch talent going and laugh yourself silly (if you’re not already).


 The Moops are a London based sketch comedy troupe whose material dissects the absurdities of modern life, from the drug fueled cult of celebrity to our societies fixation with depression and therapy. Very much in the classic tradition of the Goons and the Goodies, the company moved through carefully observed range of topics in a series of well developed sketches and skits.

Occasionally there was a lack of differentiation between characters and sketches went on a little too long, but otherwise this was a consitently amusing and slickly performed show. A particularly strong sketch, reminiscent of the off-kilter sensibility of the League of Gentleman, depicted a parent teacher consultation in which it emerged that a child was delberately been brought up gay to get him ahead in the arts. Wishful thinking indeed!
The flashes of originality found in this show indicate that this group have potential and with some honing could have some fine material on their hands. Definitely ones to watch. 


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