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Brighton Fringe 2008

The Tom Tom Club

Tom Tom Club

Venue: The Udderbelly, Brighton


Low Down

Audacious acrobatics, phenomenal beat-boxing, master scratching and indescribable drumming displays collide when some of Australia’s most phenomenal talents join forces. Features giant self-made drumkits; scratch-master DJing and beat-boxing, hardcore tumbling, out-of-control acrobatics and severe aerial antics. 


This fast paced and energetic show has been rocking the Udderbelly for the whole month of May. Straight from Australia, this handsome and talented group of guys showcase their skills in urban performance, feeding off the energy of the audience and creating a high-octane hour of entertainment.


Hosted by the charismatic Tom Thumb and DJ-ed by Dizzy on the decks, the boys have the crowd whooping and cheering within moments. Tom introduces the acts in turn, holding the thing together with his natural charm, as well as delighting the audience with his exceptional skills at beat-boxing. It is hard to believe that the multi-layered sound being poured into the mic is all being created by the vocal cords of one man.


Equally impressive are the lean, mean jumping machines that make up the acrobatic element to the show. These toned and muscled men arab spring, somersault and leap through the air at various points throughout the show. It is all incredible, but the most impressive feat is the aerial duet on straps – two guys are lifted skywards in christ-like poses, only to tie themselves in knots and tumble back to earth with a dancer’s grace.


By the end of the show the purple walls of the Udderbelly were trembling with a crowd that were energised and enthralled; the see-saw finale flinging the acrobats dangerously close to the lights, but delivering them safely back to earth to take their well earned bows.


Tom Tom Club is on at the Udderbelly until the 26th May, so catch it while you can!


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