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Brighton Fringe 2010

The Fantastic Reality of Frederick Goodge

Phoenix Soup

Venue: Upstairs at Three and Ten


Low Down

A one-man play from BBC College of Comedy writer and award-winning comedian Gerry Howell.


BBC College of Comedy writer and award winning comedian Gerry Howell brings alive his alter ego Fredrick Goodge, in a one man show at the Three in Ten.

The intimate atmosphere of the Upstairs at Three and Ten, plus the sparsely set stage was the perfect backdrop for the strange, but ultimately enjoyable meander through the mental breakdown of Frederick Goodge.
George Howell brings a refreshing approach to this performance, his engaging story telling talent and excellent rapport with the audience made you feel he was talking to you alone  
Fredrick Goodge is a man child who has difficulty separating fact from fiction. The portrayal of the last few weeks of his life is a patchwork quilt of  classical writing, film noir and the Peter Sarstedt 1969 hit “Where do you go my to lovely” .  
I won’t even try to elaborate, but I do recommend you go and catch this highly entertaining and somewhat surreal show.  
Gerry Howell is definitely a talent on the rise.