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Brighton Fringe 2012

Jane Bom-Bane’s House

Jane Bom-Bane

Genre: Installation Theatre


 Bom-Bane's Restaurant


Low Down

This wonderful little mini-tour is a combination of a magical mystery tour and an open house, where every room is a work of art. Recommended. 


Following the previous festival successes of Bom-Bane’s: The Musical, and A Musical History 24 George Street, restaurant owner and musician Jane Bom-Bane opens her house up, allowing diners to explore “backstage” for the first time.
Having had time to sit down and enjoy a glass of wine, our small party of four were led upstairs by Jane singing a health and safety warning about the ladder-esque, miniscule staircase to the bathroom, where we were confronted by a beautiful tableau, accompanied with a song by the hostess. Next, the living room, where a rotating series of guest performers are made up of famous friend’s of Jane’s doing wonderful and curious things. Then up another flight of steps to a display of Jane’s infamous mechanical hats from previous productions, all impressively animated to a new musical number. Then up more stairs for a surprise performance in the attic, and finally to the master bedroom for a final song whilst we watched someone (or something) sleeping under the covers. Members of our party were audibly cooing and gasping at each new discovery, until we were, at last, led carefully back down the winding, narrow staircases into the restaurant for an all-you-can-eat-buffet of jerk chicken, ricotta tortilla, and a variety of salads. The restaurant had been bedecked with incredible chocolate creations—to feast our eyes as well as our stomachs—including an actual edible moving merry-go-round, created by She Bakes. We were led to a pavilion-like dome, which exploded outwards to revel a cupcake display from which we chose our dessert. A magical end to a magical evening.
While we were asked not to give away too much about each room, it was also revealed that some of the room’s events would be changing throughout the festival, so repeated visits are required to catch the all the acts.

The wonderful combination of songs, higgledy-piggledy fun-house-like venue, curios and assorted animatronics, gave the whole tour a feel of a quaint, scaled down Disney World attraction (with out the saccharine Americanisims). The perfect way to liven up a meal out with fun and frivolity