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Brighton Fringe 2012

Rolling on the Floor Laughing

The Circus Project

Genre: Circus


 Sallis Benney


Low Down

Impressive aerial circus skills from young professionals, The Circus Project showcases a borad range of talent and explores some interesting themes along the way.


The Circus Project is a community circus company based in Brighton. The Circus Project was founded by two aerialists Emma and Dave Taylor when they moved to Brighton and "discovered that there weren’t any facilities for circus in the city."

Since its launch  The Circus Project has "developed into a firmly-established company attracting all sorts of people from young people to professional circus companies. " This show explores: "Aerial circus, big screen Wii gaming, animation and video, telling true stories of young people navigating through both the real and virtual world."

Essentially, this show is a showcase for aerial trapeze work, but what impresses here is that this isn’t all.

The show is also a clever interaction between  sound and technology making this a spectacular show for the family. The aerial work is there too, and very skilfully done, but also sits within a broader frame of a show. And it is suitable for the whole family. On the occasiona that we  we went, the audience ranged from babes in arms to older teenagers and adults

The two boys I took along thought the title was slightly misleading as there was little comedy but that wasn’t a huge issue as there was much to savour and enjoy. For example, the choreography was sensitive and innovative, the music linked with the seven scenarios which ranged from Manga to Wii .

The skills and virtuosity of the  performers was outstanding and this is a big strength of the production. It is certainly a show I could highly recommend. Here you’ll see some strong aerial skills delivered by new young professionals.