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Brighton Fringe 2013

Bringing Down the Moon

Peaceful Lion Productions

Genre: Children's Theatre

Venue: The Warren


Low Down

"Mole burrowing out of the ground sees the moon for the first time and thinks it’s the most beautiful thing he has ever seen and wants to play with it. A heart-warming tale of aspiration, friendship, adventure and a little bit of mischief accompanied by catchy songs, this is the perfect treat for everyone aged 3 and up."


"The moon is not as near as it looks." But that is a revelation to an innocent mole who, surfacing from his underground world, spies this beautiful orb of light, hanging there in the night sky. A sleepy forest is the backdrop for the beautiful and evocative set, sound, and music that welcomes us into a world of forest animals.

This musical piece of children’s theatre combines natural forest feel (no loud colours here), a range of song styles, storytelling anf physical knockabout to present a simple tale centred on a curious mole.

The children, aided by a calm, atmospheric twilight set and natural soundscape settled quickly into this pice of story theatre, but by the end the cast had got children in the front row heckling almost uncontrollably, so engrossed they were in the proceedings!

The fourth wall pops up and down like a yoyo as we are introduced to the range of forest animals, each defined by simple costume, well chosen voices and gestures. 

What can we do with the things that are out of reach? There’s a simple profundity to the theme underlying this piece and this archetypal material – the stuff of fairy tales, is what keeps the children fascinated. Yet it is largely centred on fun, and a charming mole who wants to bring down the moon for all the best reasons.

The songs are engaging and accessible, well sung, if occasionally a bit short on projection.What would add more to this able cast is live music. The music ranges from traditional feel to rap and there’s plenty of audience particpation. But the recorded backing music sounds a bit clinical and detached and this detracts from the atmosphere of the live elements of the perfprmance .

But overall, this is gentle and enjoyable theatre for the younger ones. The story is clear with plenty of warmth, humour a inventive set pieces. It’s a good hearted story and it reaches the children through a warm directeness of the cast.