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Brighton Fringe 2014

Red Bastard

Red Bastard

Genre: Solo Show

Venue: Komedia


Low Down

This is a one man show which starts on the stage he ends up using the audience as a platform, there is no hiding place from the red bastard, even the technician gets it in the neck. Recommended for the faint hearted just to wake them up a bit.


What a bastard! A good, clever, stupid, sexy, perverse, demonic bastard!
What you see is exactly what you get, a red costumed buffoon or bouffon for those who care about theatrical names which I do not, he bounces onto the stage and straight into our faces, there is no hiding place, no point in trying to avoid his merciless merrymaking, no point trying to deflect him from sticking his fruity finger right up your earhole if he takes the fancy, you can’t stop him, he literally moves the audience wherever the fancy takes him, I ended up hiding behind Dave the technician to escape the insults but everyone else got it in the neck, even Dave!
But there you have it, the Red Bastard is a bouncing ball of furious fun and jabbering spite, brilliantly vile to anyone he pleases and touchingly tender in places especially places where we shouldn’t be putting our fingers but he insists. If you don’t like audience participation don’t go to this, there is so much audience participation that you certainly won’t end up in the seat you started in. Oh and keep your phone switched on because you’ll need it, not to call for help but well actually you will probably end up making a call, it seems that someone always does and that its probably a life changing moment and I think that’s the beauty of what the red bastard offers – life changing moments in a way that not many other theatre shows can hope to offer.
It’s the most honest, enjoyable at times squirm inducing but always entertaining hour I’ve spent in a theatre space for some time, most shows are shit but this show puts us all in the shit and then he rubs our faces in it.
Go, go, go –  there isn’t 10 seconds of boredom; he won’t allow it; you know what he looks like from the picture. At times he is the howl against the humdrum, the demon confronting the dull, at other times he is the elephant in the room leading us in the best drama workshop I’ve ever attended. I will never use the words suspend or displace lightly again
Part therapist, part sadist, part dictator part child, he’s made of raw red parts which eventually he reveals so that if you’re really lucky you’ll see your dreams written on a blackboard for you to chase as you make your way back out blinking and shaken into the theatre of life.