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Brighton Fringe 2015

A Fresh Start (for Peter Russo)

You Cry Wolf

Genre: Installation Theatre

Venue: Lantern Theatre


Low Down

"Every song tells a story. You Cry Wolf are three Brighton musicians whose latest project takes you on a vivid journey through a life ruled by obsession, as though the story were your own…. Come and take centre-stage yourself as you are immersed in full sensory technicolour. For lovers of live music and immersive theatre."


 I’ve been a bit disappointed at the lack of experimental work in this year’s Fringe. There’s some, but not as much as there used to be. So I was delighted and intrigued to see the new Lantern Theatre giving space to something “immersive” late at night.
This show does not have the budget of a Dreamthinkspeak. The space is small and we were allowed in, in groups of twenty. We entered a space that offered us sights, sounds and smells. Your experience will be different if you stay only in one place. I wandered around the space as a loud music backdrop played live. 
I’m not going to be any more specific because I don’t want this review to contain spoilers. There were film images that sometimes jarred with the music but often fellt very connected to it.
Most of all I felt the spirit of experiment that was underneath this twenty minute experience, even if I didn’t “get” it all. I felt the images and mood of the film affecting me and I came out of the experience different to going in. A bit more introspective. Thinking about my mortality, about growing older and about what might still be parked in childhood memory. I’m sure you may have a different experience.
The live music is played with passion and I do wish I could have experienced better, clearer sound quality. I wanted to hear all of the words. The film, the visuals in the space and the music felt a bit too unintegrated and that effected the possiblities of immersion. But the intensity of the experience – the music and also the smell in the room, as well as the film, combined in places to convey the sense of "obsession" the piece intends to explore.
I’m not sure this all works completely yet. It needs to develop further. But it is well worth experience as it is. I recommend it.


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