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Brighton Fringe 2015

Les Femmes Circus

Les Femmes Circus

Genre: Circus

Venue: Brighton Spiegeltent


Low Down

 "Les Femmes perform spectacles of extraordinary skills fusing circus, dance and singing, Live before your eyes. Bodies contorted, objects manipulated and trust is the word when your life is in someone else’s hands."


 Les Femmes Circus are a young company, all graduates of the National Centre for Circus Arts and “use a range of circus disciplines in their work including aerial, acrobatics, hula hoop and juggling.”

They are a very poised and capable group of female performers who offer us, on this night in the Bosco,  a retro backdrop of  domestic bliss, pole polishing acrobatics, cabaret, burlesquish fun. The performers claimed the space well, and offered us a set that provided plenty to look at and get interested in.
Knicker-revealing handstand to rock n roll tunes, the performers ooze a sense of fun as they take us through a circus repertoire rooted in dance, music and some physical comedy. There’s plenty of cheeky eye contact with the audience and I was impressed with the quality of interplay and visual dialogue among the performers. A big highlight for me  were the hoops, skilfully done and with plenty of connection with the audience.
The circus isn’t breathtaking but in the playful fusion of fairly gentle circus with lipstick on your collar tunes and dance the audience were infected quickly with the atmosphere creates by Les Femmes. The various feats of hula-hooping, acrobatics and juggling are woven into the mood-creating music, the comedy interaction and the set pieces. There ar eplenty of comedy props that become sigh gags in themselves.
Sometimes the feats are more seamlessly and creatively woven into the style of the show than others. That’s often the challenge for circus performers who theme their shows. In parts the circus bits felt part of the flow, in other places they stood out a bit separated off. But mostly the show flowed well. And over-arching the whole thing was the spirit of it. These performers are reaching out and the audience accepted the invitation. Plenty of charm charisma, naughty winks and comedic vignettes create a thoroughly enjoyable hour.
The audience loved this foot tapping, body moving hour and The Bosco was a fitting place for this packed house to savour some inventive physical and visual comedy, with some top shelf props, enjoyable circus and uplifting music. Recommended. You’ll come out smiling and wanting more.


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