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Brighton Fringe 2019

Circus Extreme

Extreme Stunt Show

Genre: Aerial Theatre, Circus

Venue: Preston Park Big Top


Low Down

“Merging modern and contemporary styles with extreme stunts and classic clown escapades, audiences will be amazed by the jam-packed Circus Extreme with show-stopping performances that will have you on the edge of your seat.”


This is one of those reviews where you don’t want to give a thing away.

Traditional circus meets an industrial feel in an hour and a half of juggling, high wire, aerial, motorbikes and a lot more. Well, there – I have told you a bit, but nothing you can’t already find online. Highly skilled performers lead us through some classic circus tricks, alongside some very inventive acts and routines.

Nothing stays the same for too long and the music and lighting really are characters in themselves and build the big top spectacle, all anchored by a punkish clown who never strays too far from the clowns we all want to see at the circus. Each comedy routine has a neat narrative and binds the show together in a really satisfying way.

What I really value in Circus Extreme was the respect they pay towards traditional circus but also their fearless decision to push the envelope and bring in the new.

This isn’t modern for its own sake, but modern to make circus accessible to modern day kids and families. Enjoy the flames alongside traditional juggling, savour the skills of these performers, but also enjoy the inventiveness.

There were plenty of wows during this show in two halves. I wasn’t in any real danger but at one point I ducked and got embarrassed looks from the two teenagers I had brought along.

Circus Extreme truly is an unplugged and unchained affirmation of the physical world. The time went by quickly, the tent itself is a sight to behold, and show flowed well and the narratives of each clown routine added to the proceedings, holding attention, lightening the load of scary acts – of course, you hope no one will fall, yet you hold your breath wondering if…

I see a lot of circus at the Edinburgh Fringe – from small spaces to the bigger tops. He we have an unashamedly big top show, confident enough in itself to offer circus routines direct and fairly unfussy, but it is never long before something much bigger and more elaborate is also offered to us.

This is an excellent show, perfect for a sunny or rainy day alike as its location means that a sit in the park is only a few steps away. Go see it.


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