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Camden Fringe 2012

Innocent As A Child

Kaimera Productions

Genre: Drama


Etcetera Theatre 


Low Down

Innocent as a Child looks at Kyle Tubridy’s (Daniel Tremlett) puzzling mind as he is batted around various psycologists trying to make sense of him. He ends up with psychologist Alastair Nagel played with precision and strong intent by Finn Milton. We see his mind analysed from a variety of perspectives including his own ultimately leaving the audience to make up their own mind whether his abuse claims are true or a call for help.  


Kyle leaves a trail of destruction which leads to harsh circumstances including gaol for the individuals trying to help.The challenging nature of this production and its clearly united ensemble cast makes it compelling to watch. The production is well put together new writing and despite the constant beat of the bass from downstairs in the pub the cast stay in character and deliver fine performances. The set is simple and effective and not over complicated leaving the writing and performances to shine through.
The best performances come from Damiel Tremlett as a very convincing Kyle and Finn Milton as Alastair Nagel.his psychologist. Owen Collins playing Kyle’s father Robert Tubridy make a valiant effort, however plays the character slightly too much on one level. His states of anger are not as convincing as they could be. Helena Kirby playing meek Jenny Tubridy again does not completely convince with her efforts to look frightened and ill at ease with her husband. The deer in headlights syndrome is present but not executed as well as it could be. I don’t feel her fear, but perhaps the combination of the two actors causes this. Amy Scott is excellent as the wronged psychologist Cynthia Rogers. She plays her character with detail though sometimes she is a little stiff, but this adds somewhat to the character and also occurs because her character sits for the entire time.

Geoffrey Williams has done a good job pulling together this cast with a piece of interesting and effective new writing. Look out for Kaimera Productions, their future certainly looks bright! 


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