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Camden Fringe 2014


Ain't Got No Home Productions

Genre: Drama

Venue: Etcetera Theatre


Low Down


The One Company is hiring and there is a promotion up for grabs. 4 current staff members are battling it and eachother for the role so much so that it pushes everyone to their limits. How far will they go to achieve what they want. 



Ain’t Got No Home Productions have brought their well put together and intriguing show Pushers to the Camden Fringe in 2014. Unfortunately despite the interesting subject matter and quite slick production values (great projection and simple effective set that really makes it feel like we are in an office, the performances are on the whole stilted and somewhat forced. Director Anastasia Osei-Kuffour makes a choice to have those who have “left the room” stand just shy of the end of the carpet facing away from the audience when they are not meant to be present. This is distracting and unnecessary in a small space and it would have been interesting to see a more creative technique used to convey these absences more effectively.

Watching Pushers definitely felt like we were watching actors perform on a stage as opposed to being caught up in the character’s stories. All the characters lacked a sense of heart and felt especially two dimensional and therefore less believable.


Staging work that reflects on real life needs to have something to give it the edge and though the performers in Pushers were clearly working very hard the show lacked that originality to set it apart. The show definitely has potential but more work needs to be done to perhaps make it more theatrical and further exploration of the characters would certainly make the production more well rounded. A good effort with room for improvement.